Behavioral Health Services And Immediate Crisis Intervention In Prince George’s County

It is hard to know where to turn for help when you or someone you love is struggling with mental health distress or crisis. At The Santé Group Prince George’s County, we provide immediate experienced, compassionate support to guide you to the resources and treatment you need to hold on to hope and believe tomorrow will be a better day.

For over 20 years, our team of mental health first responders has been providing life-saving care to individuals who are gripped by devastating mental health or substance use challenges. Our team leverages comprehensive care as well as community resources to lead Prince George's County residents to long-term recovery.

With a team dedicated to 24/7 crisis response together with our Urgent Care Center, we are committed to immediate emergency action for individuals, families, or communities overwhelmed by a crisis, remaining connected until every person receives the resources they desperately need. Our Outpatient Mental Health Clinic and Psychiatric Recovery Programs provide individuals with chronic mental health challenges the necessary skill sets and community to live healthy, stable, and independent lives.

We stand with our community through Crisis Intervention Training, serving first responders, providers, schools, and community members. Our teams are trained in debriefing and stress management services for groups or communities that have experienced the distress of a traumatic or challenging event, including natural disasters and instances of widespread violence.

Ultimately, at The Santé Group Prince George’s County, we come alongside you and your loved ones through devastating circumstances so you never walk alone.

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