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Fast facts about behavioral health services.



We are the first private organization in Prince George’s county to become licensed to provide outpatient substance abuse related services. We offer these important services in our Lanham office located at 4372 Lottsford Vista Road in Lanham, MD.

In addition to our extensive list of mental health related services, which we have provided to the community for nearly 40 years, we will now include individual counseling to clients whose issues may be related to sexual abuse, trauma, grief, and other sensitive concerns. Group counseling will cover substance related areas such as:

  • Addiction issues,

  • Sobriety,

  • Alcohol and Drug Education,

  • Triggers and Cravings,

  • Sex, Drugs and Alcohol,

  • Emotional well-being,

  • Stress Reduction,

  • Negative Emotions,

  • Anger and Communication, and

Relapse Prevention.

Psycho-education will be available with treatment for many of the topics listed above as well as HIV/AIDS, dental hygiene, insomnia, money management, and education and vocational development. In addition, clients may receive support services for psychiatric assessment, social and mental health and medication management.

For additional information, please contact Michelle Grigsby-Hackett, CPRP, LGPC at 301-298-2628, or via email at