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The Affiliated Santé Group (Santé) is a dynamic and leading provider of crisis psychiatric care and system management services to public and private entities. Santé, a nonprofit entity, also manages mental health outreach and psychiatric recovery services. It has been delivering mental health care to individuals and families and pioneering new treatment modalities since 1974.

NEWS RELEASE - June 19, 2017

The Psychiatric Recovery Program (PRP) and the Outpatient Mental Health Center (OMHC) received recognition from the Prince George’s County Health Department Adam’s House resource center for the collaborative work in assisting their customer’s with mental health and case management needs.

Subsequently, our Prince George’s County OMHC and Substance Abuse Disorder (SUD) services were awarded 3 grants:

  • A Substance Use Disorder service capacity building grant, to provide integrated co-occurring mental health and substance use disorder services from Anne Arundel County.
  • A Behavioral Health Associations start-up substance use disorder services grant
  • A Certified Addictions Counselor grant for trauma informed training and capacity building, to work with children and family victims of abuse.


NEWS RELEASE - July 2017

The Affiliated Santé Group is proud to announce that we have been awarded $791,056 in Grant money to help us continue to serve our clients. This year has been our highest success rate both in terms of competitive (non-program renewal) grants won, and the total number of grants pursued.
Of the total amount awarded, $506,250 is specific to our Montgomery County Mental Health Services for Seniors Program rebid, while $259,136 is new funding. Some of this new funding will be used to help the Domestic Violence community, as well as with substance abuse clients in Prince George’s County.
We are very grateful and thankful to our partners and funders for the opportunity to continue to serve our communities.
Outpatient mental health center (OMHC) with a psychiatric rehabilitation program (PRP)O