The Santé Group is a pioneer in community-based emergency response and comprehensive mental health services for individuals in need and their families and loved ones. Since 1973, we have advocated for mental health support in emergency crisis response throughout Maryland.

Today, our partners span leading government and mental health agencies to increase our impact and support our diverse client base in 13 counties and 2 states.

We understand how mentally and physically exhausting it can be to walk through an emotional or behavioral health challenge alone. Because these challenges and crises are extremely personal, we prioritize tailored treatment that focuses on each person’s health rather than the difficulty itself. This approach, “The Santé Way,” is rooted in the belief that recovery is always possible, and hope is always present.

We are committed to you, your loved ones, and your community so you never walk alone.

The Santé Crisis Response Program in Prince George’s County has ended. We are honored to have served as crisis response in PG County for 24 years. We value the partnerships and relationships we have formed over the years. Santé stands ready to support the PG County community for future crisis needs. To explore our outpatient services, visit the Prince George’s County Page.

The Santé Group

So many of us are experiencing emotional and mental distress and do not know where to turn for help. Often, this distress can lead to crises within our homes and community.

The Santé Group is dedicated to providing the support, training, and resources to guide individuals, families, and community partners to the help and hope they desperately need. Distress and crisis are extremely personal, and our tailored services ensure you never feel alone in the journey to health.

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Work At The Santé Group

Are you motivated to serve your community and those facing mental or behavioral health challenges or crises? We are always looking for individuals committed to the growth and health of their community and dedicated to pursuing mental health and crisis interventions for those who need it most.

Why Santé?

We believe that it’s not enough to offer comprehensive, customized mental health services supported by a committed, competent professional staff.

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Your generous donation enables the Santé Group to deliver mental and behavioral healthcare services in Maryland, Pennsylvania, and North Carolina. For many of our clients, especially the uninsured and those at the margins of financial security, many of us take for granted, Santé is one of the few avenues they have to access critical mental and behavioral healthcare.