Our Story

    Our organizational roots date back nearly 40 years to the founding of the Rock Creek Foundation (RCF). That entity, which remains part of The Affiliated Santé Group today, pioneered the community-based treatment of individuals with both psychiatric needs and developmental disabilities, employing values-based treatment services. Those services included the first private fee-for-service outpatient mental health center and psychiatric rehabilitation program in the State of Maryland. Rock Creek’s ground-breaking treatment and service delivery strategies were praised by the President’s Committee on Mental Retardation in 1979 as a “program of national significance.”

    At the time, direct state funding and grants were not available to enable low-income individuals and families to access such innovative services. RCF’s commitment to serving all populations led the organization to secure Medicaid funding for such services, a new use of Medicaid funds at the time.

    The organization’s desire to deepen its capabilities and serve a broader array of people led to the creation, in 1992, of Affiliated Santé Group and Santé Medical Associates. The Affiliated Santé Group remains as the umbrella organization that defines Santé today.

    A critical milestone in Santé’s evolution in behavioral health crisis service provisions was reached in 1998 when it contracted with Prince George’s County, Maryland, to develop and implement a comprehensive, behavioral health, and psychiatric crisis response system.

    Since 1998, Santé has expanded the breadth and depth of its crisis services significantly, and become one of the largest providers of these services to local governments in Maryland and beyond. During the same period, Santé has expanded its capacity and delivery of targeted community mental health outreach services, focusing on senior populations; outpatient clinics and psychiatric rehabilitation, consumer run wellness and recovery services.

    The values, corporate, clinical and management principles that have guided our efforts and growth since our founding will lead us into the future. In particular, we believe in:

    • Recovery. We provide services knowing that recovery is possible and hope is always present.
    • Accountability. We are responsible for our actions and committed to fostering autonomous functioning and accountability among our staff as well as our clients.
    • Innovation. We strive to foster a spirit of learning and creativity that supports innovation for the ultimate benefit of individual clients as well as the public agencies and others that are involved in their care.
    • Diversity. We embrace diversity as it brings strength and fresh perspectives to the development and delivery of our services, as well as the growth and durability of our organization.
    • Safety. The physical and emotional safety of our clients, staff and the communities we serve are an upmost priority.
    • Resiliency. We are not discouraged by setbacks, but instead see them as opportunities to learn.

    We intend to build on the strong foundation Santé has established with those values since 1974, and expand our capacity to serve the behavioral health needs of individuals and communities throughout the U.S. in the years ahead.