Why Us?

At The Affiliated Santé Group, we understand that it’s not enough to have a committed, competent professional staff backed by the administrative and financial infrastructure required to support it. Santé is highly responsive to the particular needs of each individual agency and jurisdiction. Our systems approach allows us to deliver services that are highly individualized and flexible.  This is enabled by judicious planning, prioritizing, training (including functional cross-training) and collaborating with partners.

Our customers and clients expect measurable results, and we submit ourselves to comprehensive performance metrics tailored to the requirements of each contract.

For example, one agency that has retained Santé to deploy crisis response teams and manage the operations center that runs the program pays close attention to hospital diversion rates. The agency wishes to prevent unnecessary emergency department (ED) and inpatient admissions for acute episodes of mental illness that do not warrant ED admissions, and which can better be served by diverting the individual in crisis to other treatment and collateral resources.

Performance metrics calculated for that agency include initial and subsequent average length of ED stay, percent of clients diverted from EDs and the average cost per diversion episode. Santé overall track record on hospital diversion measured across our entire client base averages 40% with clients being diverted and supported outside the hospital setting.

Other important metrics regularly used to assess performance is the carefully designed satisfaction survey. Santé has consistently performed well in such surveys both among patients and law enforcement departments – typically our partner in crisis response or critical incident stress management situations. Santé’s successful efforts have also been recognized in more general ways,
such as the Maryland Governor’s Award for Service Excellence.

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How our corporate clients talk about us:

"On behalf of MSMHS, I would like to thank-you for your ongoing outstanding efforts in serving the residents of the Eastern Shore in need of behavioral health support. You all are amazing!  Your efforts are making a difference in people's lives. As I read the 1st quarter report for MCT, I was blown away by the efforts of both mobile crisis teams and all that you have been able to accomplish, from crisis response to participation in trainings that further enhance the quality of services each of you provides. A hearty thank-you and much gratitude for your dedication and commitment!"

Nancy Fauntleroy
Deputy Director of MSMHS
Eastern Shore, Maryland

"The services of the Affiliated Santé Group have been an invaluable asset to the citizen of Baltimore County and most notably to our officers in the field. As a police department, we recognize the importance of providing emergency assistance to those citizens experiencing a mental health crisis. … The consensus of our patrol officers is that the Mobile Crisis Team provides a timely and professional response to situations involving mental illness, freeing up patrol officers to engage in other law enforcement activities.”

James W. Johnson
Chief of Police
Baltimore County, Maryland