The Affiliated Santé Group can create customized mental health services to clients, its primary offerings fall into three categories: crisis response, community mental health outreach and psychiatric recovery.

The following overview highlights Santé’s capabilities, goals and strategies in these key service areas:


Crisis Response Services:

  • Include “hotline” telephone support for individuals and family members in crisis, mental health “first responders” to support law enforcement and other emergency personnel, critical incident stress management teams and the management and technology infrastructure to maintain all of these resources;
  • Operate 24/7/365 or as needed;
  • Are tailored to the needs of each community;
  • Develop close working relationships with local first responders to maximize the effectiveness of the efforts of each party;
  • Maintain a comprehensive database of community-based mental health and social service referral resources for the benefit of consumers and other service providers;
  • Offer community education and outreach services to minimize the need for crisis services as much as possible; and
  • Provide follow-up on crisis interventions with wrap-around services.

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Treatment and Recovery Services:

  • Emphasize the development of communication and daily livivng skills;
  • Provide a wide range of services for individuals with a chronic mental illness, with or without the complicating factor or alcohol or substance abuse;
  • Medication evaluation and management;
  • Individual and group psychotherapy;
  • Co-occurring groups;
  • Can be effectively delivered at strategically located “wellness and recovery center,” typically without charge;
  • Are built around enabling individuals to set their own treatment goals and methods;
  • Leverages the power of peer support through consumer-run wellness and recovery center;
  • Help individuals recognize the signs of a potential relapse, and to use pre-planned strategies to prevent that relapse.

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Seniors Outreach Services:

  • Provide non-emergency proactive mental health educational and counseling services to senior populations;
  • Deliver services customized to address prioritized needs for targeted community;
  • Largely delivered in the home settings, but also at specified community locations.
  • Equip caregivers to support family members needing these services
  • Are typically provided without charge; and
  • Focuses on the elderly, people who may be reluctant or unable to seek out mental health services independently.

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