Our Customers

Our ultimate “customers” are the citizens of the 12 counties that we serve in Maryland and the region of North Carolina that we reach every day with our community-based emergency response and outreach mental health services. Those include both the individuals receiving services, their families and loved ones.

The following statements, offered by clients after using our recovery services at a Medicaid funded outpatient clinic, illustrate the success and affirmation that inspire our work:

“I feel like my therapy at Santé has helped me more than an other program to deal with life’s problems in everyday situations”

“[Now] I seem to be able to take charge of my finances, health issues, medication and social life.”

I feel hopeful “because I can understand my mental illness and cope with problems, and maybe I will have a nice future.”

Our services are generally delivered in conjunction with public entities including public health departments, mental health agencies and law enforcement. SANTÉ is generally retained to provide services for such agencies through a rigorous competitive bidding process. Read about what some of our contracting agencies say about our services.