Mecklenburg County Crisis (CriSyS)

Hotline: 704-566-3410 (Select option 1)

Affiliate Santé Group prides itself in offering dynamic, comprehensive and tailored crisis services to the specific needs of the community. We are mental health first responders for those individuals or groups who are experiencing a mental health crisis. We offer emergency psychological assessment, immediate intervention for individuals, family and community crisis events.

Although typically we assist persons with mental health, developmental disabilities, or substance abuse issues, we also can be utilized to help individuals and families or communities overwhelmed in a situational crisis; such as a victim of crime, hostage situation, witness to violence or fatal or multiple injury scenes, post homicide or suicide.

Crisis is very personal. If you feel that you are in crisis, for whatever reason, call us.

Following our initial comprehensive crisis support, we remain involved until the crisis is resolved or until appropriate support is established.

We utilize services databases and resources, together with established relationships with local providers, to facilitate a rapid connection with other appropriate resources that may be beneficial.

Mecklenburg County CriSyS Crisis Response system, serving the needs to the residents of the county can be accessed by calling:

Hotline: 704-566-3410 (select option 1) Call this number for immediate crisis support.
Administrative: 704-566-3410 (select options 2-5)

The following is an overview of our services:

Operations Call Center

  • Operates 24 hours a day/365 days a year
  • Calls are screened by mental health counselors
  • Danger/lethality of the caller’s situation is assessed
  • Calls are triaged to mobile crisis teams
  • Cases are managed with a crisis plan
  • Information and referrals draw from a comprehensive resources database
  • Linkages are made to treatment and support systems
  • Mental health professionals are available for face-to-face evaluations for individuals in crisis

Critical Incident Stress Management

  •  Debriefing for community disasters or crisis events
  • Available to groups and individuals
  • Staff are specifically trained for managing stress following a critical incident

Mobile Crisis Team

  • Led by a mental health professional
  • Dispatched by 911/law enforcement radio or operations center
  • Operates seven days a week.
  • The team can be dispatched for suicidal subjects, mentally ill subjects, situational crisis, involuntary committments and other acute situations